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Yoga pants
Latest company news about Yoga pants

The Origin Of Yoga

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Yoga originated in India and is popular all over the world. It is one of the oldest body strengthening techniques in the East, which originated in BC and is the crystallization of human wisdom. Yoga is the method by which the sages of India realized and recognized life from intuition in the deepest state of visualization and tranquility.


There are only a few yogis in the beginning, usually in monasteries, country cottages, Himalayan caves and the heart of dense forests, taught by yogis to those who are willing to accept them. Since then, yoga has gradually spread among ordinary Indians.

Yoga has a complete set of cultivation methods from the body to the spirit. Today's yoga not only belongs to the category of philosophy and religion, but also has a broader meaning, which is enduring for thousands of years and has a strong vitality.


Types Of Yoga Pants Fabrics

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There are many kinds of yoga clothing fabrics in the fabric industry. The more suitable fabrics for yoga are:
Viscose + Spandex (that is, elasticity)
cotton spandex
Rib + Spandex
The characteristics of each fabric are different. It can be seen that all fabrics have spandex components, and the price with and without spandex is also worlds apart. The more spandex the more expensive it is, the more comfortable it is.


How To Choose Yoga Pants Fabric?

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Most of the yoga practice is performed on the yoga mat, and the skin is in contact with the mat in a large area, and it is inevitable to come into contact with unclean substances. When choosing yoga pants, you must first pay attention to the density of the fabric. The high-density fabric can effectively increase the isolation between the skin and the outside world, so that the skin is protected to the greatest extent.


In fact, there are still some tricks in choosing the fabrics of yoga pants: better air permeability and perspiration, yoga exercises a lot of perspiration, and there are harmful substances in the sweat. The fabric with good perspiration can help the sweat to be discharged, so that the skin is not eroded by the toxic substances contained in the sweat, and the fabric with good air permeability can prevent the clothes from sticking to the skin when the sweat is discharged, reducing discomfort. And high-grade environmentally friendly cotton is the most ideal, so the molecular structure of the fiber developed is the softest material in the existing fibers, which meets the sensual demands of the new era.


Moreover, its noble, bright and beautiful luster makes it more Make pants exude its unique charm. For the selection of yoga pants fabrics, it is necessary to maintain natural luster, soft feel, bright colors, after repeated washing, still maintain the original smooth and supple feel, soft and bright luster, not loose, no ball, Good formability and long service life.

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